Vein Treatment


Impossible –to –hide veins are anything but attractive and can cause great self-consciousness. “Spider veins” are superficial vessels which occur when tiny veins congregate below the surface of the skin. They make you feel self-conscious, though they are harmless. They are unsightly and can easily be treated. Emma Skin Care provides a cosmetic laser treatment supported by advanced technology that will dramatically improve the appearance of your look and you will feel a whole lot better. At Emma Skin Care we successfully and safely treat spider veins on the face, chest and neck.

IPL is intense broadband light that delivers energy to both the superficial (epidermis) and deep (dermis) layers of the skin but the epidermis is spared from damage. Thus, there is virtually no recovery time.

The amount of sessions required depends on the individual, it could be any where from 1 to 6 sessions. For best results it is advised to have repeat treatments at 2 week intervals, otherwise the vein re–establishes itself and the session prior may be a complete waste of time, we cannot guarantee results as everyone is unique and skin heals differently, how you look after your skin when you get home is varied from person to person and reflects greatly on the end result.

We do guarantee, however, that IPL has a 95% success rate for people who do the treatment correctly.

Legs veins cannot be treated effectively, they may be removed or reduced temporarily, but possibly will return, please speak with our friendly staff to organize a doctor affiliated with our clinic to assist with this matter further.

Please be advised after treating the vein, it may look worse, it will gradually fade over the course of treatment sessions, possible blistering may occur but unless picked will not be of any concern and will heal nicely within 3 to 14 days. Again this is a rare occurrence but may happen.

Please be advised that the consumption of hot, spicy foods, alcohol, and toxins can aggravate spider vein treatment.

Hot showers, sunburns, spas and saunas will also disrupt the affectivity of the treatment.

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