Teeth Whitening

Get Whiter Teeth – Instantly! Just $80 for an In-Chair Teeth Whitening Treatment!

See Stains from Smoking, Coffee, Red Wine and More Disappear as Your Teeth Lighten by up to 8 Shades in just 30 minutes.

You might think that at home whitening (strips, gels, toothpaste, etc…) can get the job done, but they are what professionals call “low concentration whitening”. They are far less effective than an in office treatment. Come to Emma Skin Care for a top-notch teeth whitening experience.

It’s a simple process that takes about a half an hour. When you come in for your appointment they will have you brush and rinse your teeth. Next, a gel will be applied to your less than pearly whites and you will sit under an LED light for twenty minutes. Afterwards, you give your new smile a rinse once more and make sure to stay away from darker hued drinks for two to four hours. Immediately your smile should get 2-4 shades lighter, and will continue to brighten for the rest of the day.