Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation, Sun damage and Pigmentation Removal

With today’s outdoor lifestyle, sun-damaged skin is all too common and can affect your appearance and self-image. Our goal is to help you improve the quality of your overall appearance.  Emma Skin Care can provide the advanced facial treatment that will deliver precise amounts of light energy through the skin’s surface to stimulate the production of collagen and reduce pigmentation.

Emma IPL can successfully treat sun damage, pigmentation (caused by sun only) and rejuvenate the skin , which can take between 1 to 6 sessions, some people get results very quickly, while others do take some time. At times we have experienced clients to take up to 10 sessions to get the results they require, but this is very rare.

We can not treat hormonal pigmentation with the IPL, sometimes you can get a reduction of up to 80%, but without homecare and avoiding what caused the damage to begin with (such as the pill), it will return.

Light can only travel 5mm under the skin, therefore as hormonal pigmentation is deeper than that it will not have too much effect, but it will gradually draw it to the surface. Sun damage on the other hand is located close to the surface of the skin (the lighter the pigment, the deeper it is, the longer it takes to treat) and will be treated very effectively and generally takes 1 to 4 sessions at the most… which also depends on the individual.

Skin takes 28 days to rejuvenate and repair cells, therefore you may initially not see any difference what so ever, sometimes the pigment may look darker, the reason for this is it is slowly moving to the surface therefore will be more visible ,you also may experience crusting, this occurs when the pigment is so close to the surface that the light from the IPL has attracted to it brilliantly and will draw it up at a much quicker than normal rate, the crusting normally subsides in 3 to 14 days, depending on your age and how healthy your skin is.

Every treatment should be placed 4 weeks apart to allow for best results.

Please be aware that our IPL has a 95% success rate and is very safe, however, results will vary between individuals.